Befriend Your Body Starter Sessions

Private coaching is available by phone or Skype.

Is this you?

  • You know you “should” eat healthier, but it feels so hard and never seems like the “right time.”

  • You rely on sweets and caffeine for energy even though you want to break the sugar habit.

  • You feel like your body holds you back from fully living your life.

If you want guided support and accountability in making a change, “Befriend Your Body Starter Sessions” is for you.

As a result of the “Befriend Your Body Starter Sessions”, you will…

  • Learn how to create healthy, delicious meals that give you energy and keep your sugar cravings at bay.

  • Understand why you might be sabotaging your success and what to do instead.

  • Feel in control around food instead of letting food control you.

Program Menu:

The Appetizer: Crystal Clear Questionnaire

Before our first session, you will get clear on your health goals and how you want to feel. This work sets you up for a fresh, clean start. The clearer you are about your desires, the easier it is to make your goals a reality.

The Main Course: Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching is the core of our work. Coaching helps you move beyond your challenges and create new, healthy habits that last. I am here to lead you from despair into action and to hold you accountable to your personal goals.

You will learn know to work with your unique body. This is not a one size fits all program.

Private Coaching Sessions Include:

Cook up a New Relationship with Food Session- 60 Minutes

You probably think you need to “eat less and move more.” In this session, you will learn that weight loss goes much deeper than the old formula. We will take a look at your eating habits and lifestyle and where you might be stuck and sabotaging your success. You will learn what to do when you are stressed, angry, depressed, bored and want to eat everything in sight. You will leave with personalized action steps to get you moving towards your goals.

Tweaking the Recipe- Two Follow-Up Sessions- 30 Minutes Each

In these sessions, we will review your progress, continue to refine what you have learned and address any challenges. I will teach you highly impactful weight loss strategies that the diet industry fails to share. These scientifically-proven, small shifts in your daily routine can lead to the weight loss you have been looking for and give you freedom from dieting forever. You will also learn things you can do to feel good in your body now instead of waiting until you are at your ideal weight.


Recipes and meal planning guides to support your goals and keep you organized.



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