If You are Trying to Lose Weight, Keep this Far From Your Plate

We all know that sugar, white flour, soda, and other processed foods pack on the pounds and take a toll on our health. What many of us do not realize is healthy eating goes beyond the actual food on our plate.

If you are trying to feel great in your summer clothes, I challenge you to hide a super powerful object every time you eat. It might seem small and innocent but it has a profound influence on your metabolism and digestion. This object has become a welcome guest at the table. Many of us feel we cannot live without it.

Any guesses as to what it might be?

If you guessed your smartphone you are correct. Now that you know what it is, you might be thinking there is no way I can eat without my phone. I totally understand. I am fairly new to the smartphone world and could not believe how quickly I became addicted to it.

Knowing the connection between how you eat and your metabolic rate, I figured out I needed to keep my phone in my purse while eating. No need to pack on extra pounds right before the summer.

Here a few reasons why your phone can add to extra pounds:

1. If you are checking your phone and eating at the same time it is very difficult to tune into your bodies messages. Most people eat way more when they are distracted. Along with eating with your phone, distracted eating in front of the TV or computer can also cause overeating.

2. When you are eating and checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc., your body misses out on the true pleasure of eating. When you cheat yourself of this experience by tuning out from your food, you are more likely to eat more later.

3. If you get an email or see a post you feel a need to respond to, you activate your stress- flight or fight response. We all know stress is linked to weight gain. Your body does not know the difference between being stressed about an email or being stressed because a lion is chasing you. When you activate the flight or fight response, you automatically slow your metabolism.

Now that you know, what can you do today:

1. Put your phone away before you eat. You deserve to have a calm, enjoyable meal.

2. Don't be rude to your food. Slow down and appreciate the taste, smell, colors of your food. Be present with your meal and you will automatically be in a more relaxed state. You will enjoy your food more, know when you have had enough, and boost your metabolism all at once.

3. If this feels scary, try it for just one meal today. Being present is a practice. Do not beat yourself up if you feel like your phone is attracting you like a magnet. Habits can be hard to break.

Keep trying and creating new habits. Wishing you a day full of mindful, phone-free meals!