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The Best Advice My Therapist Ever Gave Me

People often ask me how I got over my eating disorder and the body hatred that lingered long after I was "cured." My journey was long and difficult. There was no "one magic pill". Just like many people who struggle with eating disorders I spent many hours in therapy. When I think back to those days I have very little recollection of what I discussed with my therapists. Most of the time I just cried about how fat, ugly, stupid and undeserving of love I was.

What is Forest Bathing and Why it's my Favorite Wellness Ritual

When I first heard the term “Forest Bathing”, I assumed it was a version of skinny- dipping, but instead of jumping naked into a lake it meant hanging out naked in the forest. I was wrong. Forest bathing has nothing to do with what you are or aren’t wearing.

Forest Bathing comes from the Japanese phrase, “Shiron-Yoku” which means, “to take in the atmosphere of the forest.” Forest bathing has become increasingly popular due to its positive impact on human health and well-being.

How do you forest bathe? The answer is very simple.